The face of marketing is changing so quickly even Google has to regularly update its search algorithms up to 600 times every year just to keep up!

Figuring out marketing trends and employing the best strategies for your business can be overwhelming, especially with the limited resources and tight budgets of most businesses.

With 300 Titans on your team you can achieve the kind of results you have only dreamed of, gaining access to proven marketing professionals with a wealth of experience in business strategy, web and graphic design, content marketing, and SEO, and all it takes is an email to get you started.

Whatever your needs, we supply the business acumen and foresight necessary to enable your business to achieve commercial success and real global scale.

Full stack marketers


Our full stack developers have extensive knowledge of the various aspects of Web/software development and can handle a wide range of marketing disciplines such as SEO, UX, design, copywriting, and digital marketing.

We are continually pushing boundaries with the intent of learning and adapting to new technologies, techniques, and trends, driving growth for the companies we work with.



What is the vision for your brand? You may be selling what you do, but the motivation for why you’re doing it can also provide you with a useful understanding of purpose and mission.

By defining the `why’ or purpose, we can begin to visualise the `how’ or mission, because the two are symbiotic and equally important in understanding the best route for you, and your business. Therefore, our aim is to develop objectives for engagement based on your unique vision for your unique brand.



You and your business are on a journey and as with any other journey the chances are a lot of changes will happen along the way. If you begin by thinking about the end of that journey i.e where you want to end up, it can enable you to focus on how best to get there.

You could say that understanding goals, and being clear on how you measure your success, are the navigation tools which prevent you from falling off the edge of the marketing cliff, or going round and round in expensive circles and never really getting anywhere!



For many brands, identity begins with a logo. But, coming up with visual elements that define your business can feel a little daunting.

We can simplify this process, with mood boards, color studies, photographic styles, illustration, rough layouts and more detailed explorations, to produce a visual theme or “concept” for your brand that best represents your business and tells your unique story.



Now it’s time to bring all these creative strands together!
The idea is to create a concept for your brand; a recognizable visual identity that sets you apart from the rest, and done correctly, will communicate your message immediately and even gain you followers from just this initial engagement.

Our design team can design dynamic logos, colourways, create layouts, storyboards, even photoshoots, in-fact everything you need to tell the unique story of your brand.



OK, so you know where you’re going and why, you’ve planned your route and you’ve fine tuned your vehicle; the preparations are complete!

Each component has been expertly built, critically reviewed and readied for its journey, and of course we will be there to wave you off!.

So what now?



The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination and discover that no one was expecting you! We think it’s much better if you arrive to a welcome of fanfares and flags! So, now it’s time to get the story of your brand; what you have to offer and why you are offering it, out to the world. Growing your brand is the next challenge, and with a Titans 300 pro-active marketing & growth strategy you can captivate, engage and create life-long relationships with your customers.

All you have to do is buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride!